Hello, I'm Lorri Hopping (@HoppingFun): well-published freelance game designer, writer, and editorial director. I thrive on interactive storytelling (fiction or non), language geekery, STEM, puzzles, certain cats.

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Do I Know You?

Who is she? Where's her (true) home?

SERIOUS GAME: It's a point-and-click biography game about a (real) woman with dementia who's not sure who she is or where she lives. Your goal: Figure out how to get her home by uncovering clues to her past and chatting via text box.

I am creating this indie project in the hopes that it will help others understand and empathize with the challenges surrounding this terrible disease. Below is the original design document for my game.

There's also an MVP version created with the help of two master's students in Austria, with a computer science and artificial intelligence focus.

Heart of Ganesh

SERIOUS GAME: Our Global Game Jam 2013 project, Heart of Ganesh, has legs—elephant legs! You play a matriarch elephant in India. Your goal:

Lead your elephant family along a memorized route to the watering hole in the shortest amount of time and moves you can. Oh, and try not to trample anybody. Bad karma.

Contact me if you'd like more information or to get involved.

Just a Joke

The past, present, and future walked into the same room.
It was tense.

Q: How many creative types does it take to change a light bulb?
A. That depends: What do you want to change it into?

Q. How many editors does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Three. One to change it. Two to change it back.

Q: How many writers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Tell me again, "Why do we have to change it?"

"If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you."
-- Steven Wright

Writing, Game Design, Jazzy Content

Dinosaur egg!!!

HOPPING FUN CREATIONS (founded: 1999) is my editorial services and content development company, creating professional quality board and card games, video game scripts, interactive stories and articles, books (50+ titles!), and other jazzy content for publishers, game makers, and media producers.

Check out so very many successful projects and satisfied, repeat clients!

Scholastic (books, TV productions, digital, magazines, education, and reference divisions!




Sesame Street Workshop

National Academy of Sciences (Joseph Henry Press)

AAAS (Kinetic City Super Crew)

National Science Foundation (Science & Technology Week)

Minnesota Historical Society

Microsoft Education (Magic School Bus)







Inanimate Alice and many others!

Teamwork! I love it!

Interactive storytelling is a specialty.

I wrote "Escape from Antcatraz" (Scholastic), my first adventure game script, in 1985. A pioneer in this medium, I thrive on interactive storytelling (fiction and nonfiction)!

Services provided: product development, editorial direction, writing, asset acquisition and management, game design. These unique digital journals include:

  • 40 interactive pages + five floating “gadgets” of interactive content

  • 22 language games

  • 27 video sequences

  • About 1,500 audio clips (mostly spoken words—Japanese or Indonesian)

  • 60+ images

  • Some 10,000 lines of Javascript and HTML code

Author of 50+ books.

Titles include narrative nonfiction and fiction for tweens and teens and books of games and activities for all ages. Whatever the topic and medium, I love to tell a great story.

Inventor of a dozen board games.

My bestselling, well-reviewed board game. I've created hundreds of casual and learning games, print and digital.

Professional Recommendations

"Thank YOU, Lorri. You've been an incredible asset to the project. Your wealth of prior experience, creativity, and collaborative spirit are just a few reasons why it's been so great to work with you."
Betty Hayes, Arizona State University, "Gram's House" story-game research project for teaching computer science concepts to middle school girls

"Lorri is naturally inclusive, full of inspiration and energy. These are terrific attributes for those, like us, who inhabit a virtual environment developing and stretching a transmedia property across platforms and markets. In addition to core writing and editing skills, she has demonstrated strategic thinking and delivered raw ideas through execution. It has been a thrill to have Lorri be part of this effort and we have loved working with her."
Ian Harper, producer, Inanimate Alice

"Lorraine wrote fiction for Microzine, a Scholastic software product, that was funny, educational, and scientifically sound. Our interactive fiction was a new medium back then, and Lorri just "got it." She understood the capabilities and limitations of the machine and used it to the story's best advantage. All that insight, plus her professionalism in meeting deadlines and working with our editors. She was a delight to work with."
—Amy Kefauver, former editorial director at Scholastic

"Lorraine Hopping Egan is a tour de force writer, editor, and creator of games. I learned an enormous amount under her tutelage at Scholastic and continue to be impressed by the books, games, and other materials she creates."
—Mary Kay Carson, children's book author

“Lorraine has written several books for becker&mayer! Each book required extensive research, a high degree of creativity, and the ability to meet ridiculous deadlines. She is a professional who writes to the age group, gets her facts straight, and makes dry material fun. I hope she'll write many more books for us!”
—Betsy Pringle, Manager, Juvenile Editorial Group, becker&mayer

"Lorri has so many ideas, angles and original products, it's amazing! She does a masterful job of balancing ideas and enthusiasm with experience in such a way that her process and products are realistic and engaging. Highly motivated and creative. She's a natural collaborator."
—Alison Austin, program director at Washtenaw Literacy

Teachers and Other Educators

My bestselling teacher book (above) has sold 80,000 copies and is still going strong!

See what games and activities I've created just for you. As you browse the site, look for FREEBIE word searches, math puzzles, and topical quizzes to download, print out, and use in your classroom today.

All the material on this website is copyright © 2000-2016 by Hopping Fun Creations. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to visitors to download, print, and use the "Freebie" reproducibles free of charge for educational use only. Reproduction, reposting, or distribution in any form or media is prohibited without the written permission of Hopping Fun Creations.

Stories & Games

Born-Digital Products
An ongoing born-digital story told in narrated episodes, interactive journals, social media, and other platforms.
A narrative video game (Dig-It Games) in which students join archaeological adventures, solve puzzles, and discover an ancient culture.
Children's Books
Read the sad, moving tale of a peace-loving leader who lost his land, many of his people, and his life-long fight to keep the peace.
The true science adventures of Diane France, forensic anthropologist. NSTA Selector's Choice, AAAS/SB&F Subaru finalist, starred reviews!
Adriana Ocampo found her path to science adventure through space-traveling robots and crashing asteroids! (FREEBIE science quizzes.)
The Body as Evidence (Autopsies) and Crime Scene Investigation!
Outdoor fun for 6 to 8 year olds.
Tornadoes! and Hurricanes! are my two best-selling books with 1.6 million sold!
A must-have card game set for English language (ESL/EFL) and language arts teachers and tutors. (FREEBIE ESL materials.)
My top selling game book!
Lively games and activities about grammar, vocabulary, and dictionary skills.
Great American History Games, 15 Primary Source Activities (plays, games, readings, and more) and more!
Race from Earth to Mars, an orbiting target, by fixing malfunctions and answering intriguing science questions. Endorsed by astronaut Jack Lousma.