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A Coevolution Love Story

Explore: Pollination

My second live event in the Cell to Singularity universe premiered December 21, 2022! A Coevolution Love Story: Explore Pollination will replay periodically in 2023.

Join the journey of bees and flowers, an inseparable pair that evolved together. Can their mututal attraction survive treachery, deceit, and the sudden entrance of a powerful new suitor who breaks all the rules?


This 130-million-year COEVOLUTION LOVE STORY begins in the early Cretaceous period, with the first primitive flowers and a sand wasp that changed its diet, its body, and eventually its very identity.The first bees evolve from this vegetarian wasp and quickly establish a win-win partnership with flowers: pollination in exchange for food. It becomes a long, complex escalating game of gifting, bribery, deception, and even murder (!) that some intertwined pairs take to mind-boggling extremes. 


The game play echoes their complementary evolutionary strategies—speed running with efficiency (bees) and resource management (flowers), with the pushes and pulls of both cooperation and competition in the mix. The looming question: Can this fragile marriage between a plant and animal last?

What do flowers desire? What do bees need? Their complementary survival needs are about to intertwine this plant and animal in an ongoing, 130-million-year love story.

Life After Apocalypse

Explore: Mass Extinction


LIFE AFTER APOCALYPSE is a limited time exploration game that takes players through the five biggest mass extinctions in Earth history as they ponder:


  • What forces of geology, climate, and biology push life to a breaking point?
  • How can up to 97 percent of species vanish forever?
  • Could it happen again? Can we predict or stop a sixth extinction?
  • Will homo sapiens, the only surviving human species, become extinct? 
  • If so, what species could rise to dominate the planet?

Our very existence is at stake—"our" meaning: all life forms on Earth. That's an excellent reason to explore extinction events of the past so that we can understand our anthropocene present and imagine our potential future.


The LIFE AFTER APOCALYPSE exploration will repeat periodically for players of Cell to Singularity, the "Evolution Never Ends" hit mobile game. It will alternate in series with explorations on The James Webb Space Telescope, Fungus Among Us, The Big Questions (philosophy), The Price of Trust (money), and A Coevolution Love Story (pollination). 

LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestor, looms large in this exploration of mass extinction.