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Life After Apocalypse Exploration


LIFE AFTER APOCALYPSE is a limited time exploration game that takes players through the five biggest mass extinctions in Earth history as they ponder:


  • What forces of geology, climate, and biology push life to a breaking point?
  • How can up to 97 percent of species vanish forever?
  • Could it happen again? Can we predict or stop a sixth extinction?
  • Will homo sapiens, the only surviving human species, become extinct? 
  • If so, what species could rise to dominate the planet?

Our very existence is at stake—"our" meaning: all life forms on Earth. That's an excellent reason to explore extinction events of the past so that we can understand our anthropocene present and imagine our potential future.


The LIFE AFTER APOCALYPSE exploration will repeat periodically for players of Cell to Singularity, the "Evolution Never Ends" hit mobile game. It will alternate in series with explorations on The James Webb Space Telescope, Fungus Among Us, The Big Questions (philosophy), and other, upcoming topics.


I'm currently researching and writing one of those topics now! (shhhh, my lips are sealed)