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Mars 2020: A Space Exploration Game won numerous awards:

Hearthsong Award of Excellence

Parent's Choice

"Best Board Game" selection by Parents Magazine

Dr. Toy "100 Best Children's Products and 10 Best Games"

Chicago Tribune "Holiday Gift Pick"

From Jack Lousma, U.S. Astronaut:

To Fellow Space Pioneers,

The urge to explore lies deep within us all; whether that means crossing the next mountain, the next ocean or the next galaxy. Today, our next frontier is Mars. Reaching frontiers, though takes more than desire. It takes knowledge, commitment, courage and planning. Valuable traits no matter what your life's quest.

Mars 2020 captures the spirit and the challenge of space travel. As I reviewed the game, memories of my time in space returned to me in many ways. And who knows? Among the young minds ignited by this game, perhaps one will plant the first footstep on Mars.

Until then, enjoy the game. And keep on exploring!

Jack Lousma
U.S. Astronaut

My Who's at Home in the Animal Habitats?science game is designed for families to play together.

Just a Joke

Q. Why didn't the photons check any luggage?
A. They were traveling light.

Earthling: I dreamed I was massless!
Astronaut: 0mg!

Q. What's an astronaut's favorite sandwich?
A. Launch meat.

Q. Why didn't the astronaut go to Mars?
A. He didn't planet that way.

Q. Why are haircuts better in space?
A. They're a cut above.

Q. Why do neutrons always get freebies?
A. Because they're never charged.

Q. How do atoms choose their leaders?
A. They hold an electron.

Mars 2020
A Space Exploration Board Game

Mars 2020 is a family board game that kids (ages 8 and up) and parents can enjoy together by playing on different ability levels.

Players choose a role: doctor, pilot, scientist, or engineer.

They start their journey in the center, on Earth, and zoom toward planet Mars on the outer edge of the board.

Each time players encounter a malfunction along the way, they correct the problem by answering questions, by getting orders from Mission Control, or by being an expert in a certain field (their chosen role).

The winner is the first player to land on Mars, a moving target that orbits the board throughout the game.

NEWS: Hey, they named a real NASA rover after my game (jk). Mars 2020 is the 2.0 version of the Curiosity rover.

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