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Lots of starry reviews!

C S (from Amazon UK):
I have a number of maths games books and I think this one is the best. The games are easy to understand, yet have plenty of scope to extend players once they get started. Too often these sort of games come with such complicated rules, they put you off using them with a class straight away. That's not the case with this book - you could flick through and find something useful and appealing straight away. This would be a lovely book for children to use at home too, to reinforce skills and concepts. Highly recommended.

C. Rogers, the "Math Guru":
There are a lot of products similar to this one, but this is the best "Math Games" book that I have ever purchased. It has easy-to-understand instructions and games are matched to appropriate grade-level curriculum. Students really enjoy these games and have opportunities to learn from them by reflecting on the strategies they use, creating new games, and by attempting challenging tasks included in the book. If you are looking for a good Math games book, look no further.

Steve Croft, UK math teacher:
The games are reproducible fun and are linked to concepts that we teach every year. They are applicable to any classroom organisation even home schooling. The rules are not complicated, how often do games look good but when you try to play them with a group they've lost interest and enthusiasm because they don't understand what they have go to do. Not so here.

Heather at Kids Activities Blog: Remainder Raccoon is one of my son's favorite games to play. Read the full post here.

Sameron, California parent:
Games in this book are a great way to practice math concepts. I bought it for my son to play at home as extra practice. Great buy.

Miriam Martinez Medina:
This book is a must for all teachers who struggle with making kids assimilate difficult concepts such as calculating equivalent fractions, geometry, measurement, probability and statistics, decimals, and mathematical operations ranging from addition all the way through divisions with remainder.

These board games are ideal for small group instruction or learning centers. Most of the games require not only the board and/​or the dice, but a worksheet for the kids to color while they advance on the board, making the games even more engaging for the students. . . .

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids meanwhile they are mastering mathematical reasoning, this book is a must for you!


Just a Joke

Q. When will people stop using calendars?
A. Soon. Their days are numbered.

Q. How does every digit feel after an addition operation?
A. Number.

Q. What famous sheep counter is always tooting her own horn?
A. Little Bo Beep.

Q. Why is the number 7 scary?
A. Because 7-8-9. ("seven ate nine")

Calculus joke:
A mathematician and an engineer spot a pile of gold. A leprechaun tells them they can approach it by half the distance, every 30 seconds.
Mathematician: "That's pointless!"
Engineer: "I'm going for it."
Mathematician: "But, you'll never reach the gold."
Engineer: "That's okay. I'll get close enough for all practical purposes."

A Roman walks into a café, holds up two fingers, and asks for "Five coffees, please."

Math Games and Puzzles

25 Super Cool Math Board Games

My bestselling book for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents is a lively collection of games that reinforce important math skills (grades 3-6): computation, fractions and decimals, geometry, probability, logic and problem solving, and more.

The games are suitable for classroom, small group, and two–player use. Several solitaire and self–checking activities and reproducibles are also included.

Here's a sampling of the games and skill topics:

  • Skyscraper Run-Up Relay Race (computation)
  • Bargain Chasement (money math)
  • Remainder Raccoon (division)
  • Factor Bowling (factors and multiples)
  • Gopher Golf puzzle (computation)
  • Creepy Crawly Fraction Game
  • Decimal Dive

One of my personal favorites is Probability on Ice, a figure skating math game. Kids "skate" a safe routine by choosing maneuvers with the lowest odds of falling and the highest possible score.

True Math Board Game

Review by C Cowen:

"I used this in homeschooling my 5th grade son. It's great for critical thinking and introduction of various concepts. The questions are interesting and keep his attention.... For example, today we discussed concepts such as pi, two to the tenth power, analogies, whether the Sahara desert is as large as the U.S., and whether 1908 is in the 19th century. Yesterday included the daily value of Cokes sold worldwide, a 5 million square foot mall and whether a flea is as long as the width of a dime.

I also am learning as I play."

101 Math Brain-Boosting Math Puzzlers

Skill topics for these puzzlers include computation, geometry, problem solving, logic, patterns, algebraic thinking, and more for upper elementary and middle schools students.

Each puzzler includes "Think About It" tips and an optional "Really Big Hint" for solvers who get stuck. Once students master a puzzle format, they can move on to more challenging puzzles of the same type.

I tested these puzzlers with fifth and sixth graders and, though some kids found them challenging, they didn't want to quit until they "got it."

Here's a review by Eleanor Ennis in the journal Teaching Children Mathematics, including some creative ways to use the puzzles in a classroom:

This assortment of reproducible puzzles that build essential mathematics skills is divided into three chapters: "Numbers and Arithmetic," "Geometry and Coordinates," and "Logical Thinking." Each puzzle includes simple directions and "Think about It!" hints to guide students' thinking. Intriguing problems keep students probing and discussing long after a solution is found.

This resource could be used for interactive bulletin boards on which puzzles are posted each morning and students solve them by the end of the day. The puzzles could also be given to students who arrive early or finish their work before others. A weekly puzzle contest between teams of students would be fun and would serve as a natural way to have students work cooperatively. I think that this book would be a valuable addition to any mathematics teacher's library.

Ready, Set, Roll! (Math Dice Games)

"Ready, Set Roll!" includes four colorful dice and rules, reproducibles, and teaching notes for addictive math games that kids like to play just for the fun of it. Note: When you buy a used copy, make sure the four dice are included!

PUBLISHERS: Contact Lorraine about turning this collection of math dice games into stand-alone products.

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