I've been writing and designing games and activities for WGBH-Boston since the 1990s.

DESIGN SQUAD: An engineering challenge show for tweens and teens

Two teams of teens square off in an engineering challenge.

NOVA: Making Stuff (with David Pogue), a series for adults about materials science

INVENT IT! and many other after-school design thinking challenges for tweens and teens

NOVA: TRUE SCIENCE, a board game with 900 science questions (inventor, writer, editor), published in 1993 by Aristoplay

Just a Joke

Q. What do Bostonians call a fake noodle?
A. An impasta.

Q. Why did the skater twirl his partner around?
A. Because he wanted to see the other slide.


Games, animations, live video, apps, activities, and other content get kids jazzed about the science and nature around them and beyond.

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Stories & Games

Born-Digital Products
Science and nature games, activities, animations, and more for ages 6-9.
A digital story told in narrated episodes, interactive journals, social media, and other platforms.
A narrative video game (Dig-It Games) in which students join archaeological adventures, solve puzzles, and discover an ancient culture.
Children's Books
Read the sad, moving tale of a peace-loving leader who lost his land, many of his people, and his life-long fight to keep the peace.
The true science adventures of Diane France, forensic anthropologist. NSTA Selector's Choice, AAAS/SB&F Subaru finalist, starred reviews!
Adriana Ocampo found her path to science adventure through space-traveling robots and crashing asteroids! (FREEBIE science quizzes.)
The Body as Evidence (Autopsies) and Crime Scene Investigation!
Outdoor fun for 6 to 8 year olds.
Tornadoes! and Hurricanes! are my two best-selling books with 1.6 million sold!
A must-have card game set for English language (ESL/EFL) and language arts teachers and tutors. (FREEBIE ESL materials.)
My top selling game book!
Lively games and activities about grammar, vocabulary, and dictionary skills.
Great American History Games, 15 Primary Source Activities (plays, games, readings, and more) and more!
Race from Earth to Mars, an orbiting target, by fixing malfunctions and answering intriguing science questions. Endorsed by astronaut Jack Lousma.