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Mars 2020 and Other Science Games

Mars 2020 is a family board game that kids (ages 8 and up) and parents can enjoy together by playing on different ability levels.

Players choose a role: doctor, pilot, scientist, or engineer.

They start their journey in the center, on Earth, and zoom toward planet Mars on the outer edge of the board.

Each time players encounter a malfunction along the way, they correct the problem by answering questions, by getting orders from Mission Control, or by being an expert in a certain field (their chosen role).

The winner is the first player to land on Mars, a moving target that orbits the board throughout the game.

NEWS: Hey, they named a real NASA rover after my game (jk). Mars 2020 is the 2.0 version of the Curiosity rover.

A Few of My Other Board Games

I have invented or developed dozens of board and card games, some of which are available at sites like Board Game Geek or in book form (copy and laminate).

A few popular boxed-set titles include:

  • Top Dog! Live the Life of Rover in 6 Fun Games (a bestseller in Finland!)
  • Nova True Science (900 questions!) and True Math (450 puzzlers!)
  • In the Land of Egypt (a storytelling card game)
  • A Time for Native Americans (biographical time line game)
  • Who's at Home in the Animal Habitats?
  • Guess It: 9 Science Photo Games
  • Feeding Frenzy: A Population Balance Game