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READALICIOUS! Books for Tweens

The 2017 ARC Reviews Are In! Just in Time for Censorship Week

Two years ago, in 2015, I started the ARC, the Advanced Reader Club in my classroom, which quickly expanded to include other sixth graders, at all reading levels, and then, last year, even my principal!

My trustworthy sixth graders (and principal) were granted privileged access to advanced reader copies of books yet to be published (thank you, publishers, especially Scholastic) in exchange for telling me whether the books are suitable for my locally famous FREADom classroom library.

Beyond a mere book report, I hoped they would give me the thumbs up, thumbs down on putting a NEW book on my classroom shelves, likely in place of another OLD book since space is limited.

Suitable? What do I mean? What can sixth graders handle? What CAN'T they handle? Questions abounded, good ones, interesting ones... questions that we probe each year during our Book Censorship Unit in September. I love it.

As I start the new school year, I have a box full of ARC reviews from my former brilliant readers who are now seventh graders and thus out of my sphere of influence. THANK YOU, to all who voluntarily participated.

Now, with pride and uncertainty (I have not read all the books), I'd like to report to you, internet at large, their findings.

Which books are safe, intriguing, appropriate, WORTHY of my classroom library, which is resurrected and curated each year with painstaking care?

Let's start with a report from good student Leah...

UMBERLAND (a sequel to Everland) is told through three people: Jack, Alyssa, Pete.

Jack is the step-son to the enemy of Alyssa and Pete. Alyssa is a Duchess and is burdened with a quest to go through a labyrinth. And Pete is, well, we don't really know what Pete is.

I think we don't know much because Umberland is a sequel to Everland. I'm sure Pete is explained in the first book.

So, the main problem Alyssa and Pete have to solve is to find a cure for a deadly disease. They found out the key ingredient, a poison apple. The real problem is, the apple is in the center of the (aforementioned) labyrinth.

So. Now Alyssa has to go get the apple while she leaves Pete in charge of a castle with people banging on the doors, waiting for a cure.

Overall, I would rate this book a 9 (out of 10) and you (she means me, Ms. Hopping) should definitely keep it! (in my library)

But, read EVERLAND first!!!

So, dear readers, should I add this series to my classroom library, starting with the opening book, Everland? Please weigh in.

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